SPAN Code of Ethics

SPAN has a comprehensive Code of Ethics that all staff and volunteers must learn and abide by. The SPAN code of ethics includes a set of “Non-Negotiables” (i.e. guidelines for the SPAN board of directors, staff, interns, and volunteers); as well as documentation on “Ethical Communication;” and the SPAN Employee Handbook. To ensure the thorough integration of these policies into the day-to-day operations at SPAN, all candidates for SPAN staff positions are provided the “Non-Negotiables” and “Ethical CommunicationBest-Practices-blurbs-ethicdocumentation prior to their interview, and questions about these documents are incorporated into the interview process. All SPAN volunteers receive the “Non-Negotiables” and “Ethical Communication” documentation during their interview with the Volunteer Coordinator. Expectations are clearly stated that all staff and volunteers must abide by the SPAN Code of Ethics.

All SPAN staff, Board Members, and program volunteers are required to complete a 44-hour, month long training designed to enhance participants’ awareness of social justice issues, the dynamics of abuse, and to develop greater awareness of the various systems of oppression.  A collateral benefit of the training is to inculcate new SPAN community members with the core vision, values, and ethics that drive the organization’s mission.  Throughout the training participants develop active listening skills and practice ethical communication while learning about SPAN’s programs, procedures, and philosophy in order to support survivors and their families in the best way possible.

Another way in which the SPAN Code of Ethics is reinforced in day-to-day operations is the utilization of a “Legal Advocacy Client Rights Disclosure” and a “Counseling Disclosure Form.” Both of these disclosures are available in English and Spanish and are given to clients so as to inform them of the organization’s commitment to a high standard of ethical service as well as outline the actions that a client may take if they feel that their counselor or advocate is not acting in adherence with the SPAN Code of Ethics.

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Top 10 Reasons to Support SPAN

You have a lot of choices for where you invest your donation dollars, why SPAN?
At SPAN, we want you to know that your donation has real impact.  So we thought we would share some of our most important reasons for donating to SPAN.
#10 – Domestic violence is a serious problem in our community, one that led to the deaths of two women and a four-year-old child right here in Boulder County in 2017.

#9 – If you want to do something about homelessness in our community, a good place to start is supporting victims of domestic violence!  The Denver Metro Homelessness Initiative reports that women and children are among the fastest growing populations of homeless people and that domestic violence is the leading cause of them becoming homeless.

#8  – Think of the children.  Domestic violence can have a serious impact on children who witness it, even if they are not abused.  SPAN serves more than 500 children each year in Boulder, Lafayette, Broomfield and beyond.  These kids are our kids and they need your support.

#6 – SPAN has been around for nearly 40 years.  We have strong leadership and sound fiscal management.  Your donation dollars will be put to good use, with 87 cents of every dollar going to support direct services for clients!
#5 – SPAN’s services change lives.  Watch The Transcendence Project video and see three examples.
#4 – SPAN is working on primary prevention. Peers Building Justice (PBJ) is a youth group that explores how dating and sexual violence are sustained by power and control in our communities.  This exciting program is building the change-makers of tomorrow!
#3 – SPAN’s services are a great investment in the community.  Studies show that domestic violence costs the community more than $8 billion a year in the U.S..  The State of Colorado estimates that each victim of domestic violence who does not get help, costs an average of $9,000 a year in trips to the emergency room, police interaction, lost wages, etc.  By comparison, a family of three can stay at SPAN’s Shelter and receive a year of counseling, case management and transitional services for a mere $3,000 a year.
#2 – We are the best.  OK, maybe not literally The Best.  There are lots of good non-profits out there doing great work.  But SPAN is doing high-quality, research driven, evidence-based work.  We have a Silver Rating from Guidestar. We are an Accredited Charity with the Better Business Bureau. These ratings are a testament to SPAN’s impact in the community, good management and high standards of transparency.
And, the #1 reason to donate to SPAN – Now more than ever SPAN’s work for justice, for peace, for the dignity and safety and liberty of all people is as urgent as ever.  Our determination and commitment is too.  Join us in this work.
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