2019 JULIPA Raises $20,000 for SPAN

Thanks to our sponsors, event attendees, breweries and The West End Tavern, SPAN raised over $20,000 for survivors of domestic violence at the 11th Annual JULIPA, making this year’s IPA Festival the best yet! We kicked off the month featuring a fun new activity “Brewery Wars”, several local breweries competed against one another in a…

SOL Closure and Transition of Hotline to SPAN

The closure of SOL/BSeedz unquestionably leaves a gap in services for LGBTQ survivors of violence. As a former SOL staff member noted, from the ashes of SOL something new and healthy can grow and thrive. SPAN will do all that we can to ensure that whatever emerges from the ashes is grassroots, responsive and accountable to survivors, and QTPoC and QTBIPoC-led.