City of Boulder 2nd Annual Gift Card Drive

SPAN is proud to be a recipient of the City of Boulder 2017 Gift Card Drive! In conjunction with the 2017 National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, the city will again host a community Gift Card Drive. The 2017 drive runs now through Sunday, Dec. 10. Gift cards will be given to local nonprofits like SPAN that help families and individuals in our community get food and basic necessities. More information on where to drop off donations can be found on the city’s website:


Host a Supply Drive for SPAN’s Shelter

SPAN’s Emergency Shelter provides safe haven to more than 375 adults and children each year, and it takes a whole lot of basic supplies to make that happen.  Please help us restock our pantry!  Donations may be dropped off at SPAN’s Boulder Outreach Center, 835 North Street, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Our most urgent needs are for:

Disposable razors
Tylenol, Tylenol PM, Ibuprophen, Aspirin
Shampoo and conditioner
Canned fruit
Pancake mix
Cooking oil
Coffee creamer – shelf stable
Nut milks

Call 303.449.8623 or email for more information.

SPAN Statement on Action to End DACA

What are 800,000 lives worth?
Economists say that ending DACA and putting its 800,000 participants at risk of deportation could cost the U.S. economy $200 billion, with Medicare/Medicaid contributions dropping $24 billion a year by denying the Dreamers the right to work legally.
The social impact is just as profound, with young people driven out of school, out of legal work, families disrupted, lives, dreams and ambitions put on hold.
What is one life worth?
Whether Boulder’s Latinx youth are DACA kids or not, we are failing them. At SPAN we know how these young people are hurting, we see it every day. In this most privileged of places, these young people struggle, isolated by poverty, racism, classism, sparse resources. The recent death by suicide of a young Latinx resident of the San Juan el Centro community sheds a stark light on this isolation, and the hopelessness and despair that can prosper in it.
According to the most recent Community Trends Report, 39% of Latinx children and youth in Boulder County are growing up in poverty. The most recent Boulder County Healthy Kids Colorado survey tells us that Latinx youth in Boulder County have higher rates of depression and suicidal ideation than non-Latinx kids.
Every one of these children is our child, a part of all of us. We can and must do better in supporting them, through creating a just and equitable system that addresses immigration issues fairly but also by committing ourselves to building a truly multicultural, multiracial community that embraces every one of our children as they dream, strive and create.

Honoring Bonnie Aona

Bonnie Aona

Bonnie Aona passed away on February 28, 2017 at 68. In her will she left a incredibly generous bequest to SPAN of more than $272,000.

Ms. Aona was born in California and did graduate studies at UC Davis in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She had a long and successful career in Boulder, working for Precision Visuals, StorageTek, McKesson and finally Intel. Bonnie made many significant contributions in her work, becoming known for her dedication, process improvement and training/documentation skills. Bonnie was also an accomplished writer, outdoor enthusiast and avid cat lover.

We are humbled and inspired by this amazing woman’s generosity to SPAN, and her legacy will make SPAN a stronger, better non-profit now and for years to come.

Read more about how you can create a legacy for SPAN.

Get A Quote, SPAN Gets Up to $15

liberty-mutual-insurance-facebookNow through November 30, 2017, just by getting a quote on your auto insurance from Liberty Mutual Insurance Agent Adam Finocchio, SPAN will receive a donation of $10. Add your home insurance to the quote and SPAN will receive an additional $5. This is a free, no-obligation quote, and you never know, you may end up saving hundreds of dollars on your insurance premiums!

For more information, or to schedule your quote, call 719.243.4197, or email

Create a Legacy for SPAN

Did you know that there are strategic ways to show your long term financial support for SPAN that also offer tax benefits for the donor? Called Planned Giving, these are fundraising mechanisms that involve specific donations funded with cash, equity or property. The most common form of Planned Giving are bequests, but other strategies involve transfers of property or equity that have experienced a loss (not uncommon in today’s down markets!)
For details about Planned Giving, consult your tax professionals or accountant, contact SPAN’s Development Director at 303.449.8623, 112, or visit these websites for general information:

Learn, Grow, Work for Social Justice: SPAN Volunteer Training Starts October 7

These days more of us are looking for ways to be a part of something positive, something that can make a difference.

Consider becoming a SPAN Program Volunteer. SPAN volunteers are a part of the solution as we all work together to end all forms of violence in our community. Volunteers receive 33-hour paraprofessional anti-violence training, where you will learn about the dynamics of abuse, how to provide support in a nonjudgmental way, and how to use your time to advance positive social change. You may find that in the process you will be changed as well!
Program Volunteers provide support in the following areas of SPAN’s work:
• Crisis Line: provide professional support to crisis line callers, shelter residents and SPAN staff.
• DART Victim Advocates: emotional support and safety planning for survivors involved in a domestic violence incident to which the police have been called.
• Court Advocates: support survivors in the process of obtaining a protective order at the Boulder County and Broomfield Combined Courts.
• Children’s Volunteers: interact with children and create a safe space for emotional healing.
• Peers Building Justice: support SPAN’s youth-based violence prevention program and help give presentations, mentor high school youth in an arts-based after school program.
Apply online, or call 303.449.8623, ext.118 for more information. Interviews for the October training begin September 3.

Bringing Resources to the Community: Federal Grants to Support Infrastructure, Housing & Legal Services

People don’t ordinarily think about non-profits as economic generators for the community. But in fact, nationally non-profit organizations contribute more than $800 billion a year to the US economy and employs about 10% of the nation’s labor force!
One example of how non-profits provide economic benefit to their communities is in bringing federal funds to support local needs. From the mid-2016 through the beginning of this year, SPAN successfully applied for four major federal grants, raising nearly $750,000 that not only enhances local resources for survivors of violence, but that also creates jobs and generates revenue for local businesses.

In 2015 the U.S. Office for Victims of Crime announced the availability of funds from the Crime Victims Fund (established by the Victims of Crime Act, and thus known as VOCA funds), for agencies that serve victims of crime to make capital improvements. In 2016 SPAN successfully applied for this one-time VOCA funding, receiving an award of $72,000 that supported strategic and long-overdue updates to SPAN’s network, security and telecommunications systems. This included adding security cameras to the Boulder Outreach Center, moving our email service to the “cloud”, replacing a nine-year-old network server and 20-year-old telephone equipment.

SPAN also won two housing grants, one from VOCA funds and the other offered through the U.S. Office on Violence Against Women (VAWA). The VAWA grant is a three-year/$350,000 project to support long term transitional housing for victims of intimate partner violence, particularly people who don’t qualify for traditional housing programs due to a number of factors like age, family status, immigration issues, income, etc.

SPAN also received a 20-month/$180,000 grant from the Housing for Crime Victim Special Project/Victim of Crimes Act (VOCA)). These funds were awarded in a highly competitive process intended to support projects in the implementation of innovative methods of housing support for survivors of domestic violence. The VOCA Housing funds have allowed SPAN to add staff to its housing program and to create a full-time director’s position devoted to housing and economic justice for survivors. VOCA funds also support more flexible, dynamic resources for housing, including making funding available to keep survivors in their existing housing, rather than have them become homeless in the first place. In today’s hot, high priced housing market this support can make a critical difference in the life of a survivor!

Earlier this year SPAN also successfully applied for VOCA funds as part of the Lawyers for Victims Pilot Project. This $120,000 grant provides funding through 2018 to connect survivors of violence in Boulder County with lawyers as they seek Protection Orders and deal with other civil issues related to the domestic abuse. There are scant resources currently available for low income and middle income victims to access legal services for civil matters and this can create overwhelming barriers to pursuing Protection Orders. SPAN’s clients routinely identify access to legal services as one of the top three resources they require, behind safety and housing, and these funds offer an exciting opportunity to address this critical need.

2nd Annual Hear Our Voices Community Art Project

safehouse_Hov_Logo617FINAL_webSafehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) is proud to follow our successful first year art project with the 2nd Annual Hear Our Voices Community Art Project in October 2017. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month so the project will end on October 25th with a silent auction and reception sponsored by Elevations Credit Union.

We are asking artists from around Boulder County to contribute an art piece to help give visual representation to the experiences of surviving and transcending intimate partner violence. Stipends are available to help cover the cost of materials.

The thinking behind the project is simple: We are all impacted by violence, whether personally, professionally, or through local news reports of tragedies in our community. These are stories that must be boldly told in order for us to raise collective awareness, then celebrate and amplify the moments of strength, resilience, action, and healing.
SPAN is the domestic violence non-profit serving Boulder and Broomfield County for almost 40 years. In 2016 alone we took in 8,902 crisis line calls, we helped hundreds of men, women, elders and children with legal issues, protection orders, custody rights, counseling and immigration issues. Our shelter provided a warm safe place to stay for 316 adults and 67 children last year, while turning away nearly 1,500 due to lack of space. You can help us change that by using art to inspire giving, support and advocacy.

This project is dedicated to giving artistic representation to the experience of surviving and transcending intimate partner violence. You do not need to be a survivor of violence to participate; people of all backgrounds, experiences and relationships are welcome to submit an art piece.
• Please submit your ideas and art sample by emailing or call 303 449 8454
• Stipends up to $150 are available upon request to help with costs associated with the art piece
• Submission must be in By September 8th
• Art pieces are due by October 13th
• All art pieces will be part of a silent auction event on October 25th
• All funds raised at the auction will go directly to client services at SPAN
• Art can come in any form, canvas, jewelry, sculpture, glass, photography etc.
• Art pieces might be displayed in other areas in Boulder County for marketing purposes