Learn More Supporting Each Other Through This Crisis: We are committed to do everything we can to continue supporting survivors while also protecting the health and wellness of our clients, staff and volunteers. The SPAN 24-hour Crisis & Information Line (303.444.2424) will remain in full operation. The SPAN Emergency Shelter will continue to provide safe refuge for survivors and their children. The Shelter capacity will be reduced to limit the spread of illness. COVID-19 increases the likelihood of survivor isolation. We will continue to do all we can to safely serve our community and prioritize the health and wellness of clients, staff, volunteers and visitors. sad woman standing at the window

For survivors of domestic violence, “social distancing” is nothing new…

If a friend or a neighbor is in trouble, what can you do?
  • Help them plan where they (and the children) could go in an emergency or if they decide to leave.
  • Agree on a code word or signal they can use to let you know they need help.
  • Help them prepare an excuse so they can leave quickly if they feel threatened.
  • Find out about how the police can protect them and if calling the police is an option.
  • Help them prepare an “escape bag” and hide it in a safe place. If they leave, they will need money, keys, clothes, bank cards, driver’s license, social security documents, property deeds, medication, birth certificates, passport and any other important documents.
  • If it is safe to help interrupt an episode of violence, create a code so you can knock on the door.
  • If they decide to stay, they may need to think about other ways to protect themselves and the children from further violence.
*** Be careful. Don’t put yourself in a position where the person who is being abusive could harm or manipulate you. Don’t try to intervene directly if you witness a person being assaulted — call the police instead.
24-hour Crisis Line 303.444.2424
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