Wish List

Thanks to people like you, wishes do come true! In kind donations provide invaluable support to SPAN clients and staff. All non-financial donations must be set up by appointment by contacting our Facilities/ Donations Manager, Bylo Jane Farmer at 303.449.8623 or an email.

Special Request: Storage Shed
We are in need of outside storage, whether new or gently used, SPAN wants your storage shed! Size 10′ x 14′ or larger.

Urgent Needs of SPAN Clients
Kitchen pots, pans, plates, bowls, silverware, mugs, drinking glasses
Phone cards
RTD bus ticket booklets
Gift cards to: Target, King Soopers, Safeway, McGuckin, Home Depot
Ground coffee, creamer

Daily Needs of SPAN Clients
Toiletries and hair care products; all genders & hair types
Liquid laundry detergent
Cleaning supplies: Windex, 409, Ajax, sponges
Cooking oil, sugar, spices
Children’s over-the-counter medicine: Pedialyte, Children’s Advil, cough medicine
Baby food
Diapers: Newborn and infant sizes
Baby shampoo, lotion
Diaper rash cream, powder
Baby wipes
Disposable razors
Paper Towels, toilet paper, kleenex
Hand sanitzer gel, hand soap, sanitizing wipes
Trash bags
1st aid supplies:  Neosporin cream, Hydrocortisone cream, bandaids etc.)
Sunscreen – especially for children
Diapers:  newborn to size 6

Thanks to our partnership and generous support of ARES Thrift Store, our clients receive vouchers and are able to “shop” for all their clothing needs for free. Supporters wishing to donate clothing to SPAN clients can make those donations directly to ARES Thrift Store at 2536A Spruce Street, Boulder CO, 80302. Visit them online at www.BoulderThriftstore.com, or contact them at 303.444.8088.

[Updated December 18, 2015]