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Call our 24-hour crisis and information hotline at (303) 444-2424 or send an email to for support, resources, and more information about SPAN services.

Whether you are in chaos, years have passed since the last abusive incident or have witnessed a loved one experience abuse, you can find support. Counseling can be a wonderful tool in your journey toward safety, hope and healing. At SPAN, we offer individual counseling sessions and support groups that can assist you toward a safer and more informed life.

The SPAN Counseling Program provides social justice counseling — which is trauma-informed, strength-based, and client-defined — to survivors of domestic violence and their families. Individual counseling sessions can be held virtually or in person at our Outreach Center or Tri-City Office.

We offer bilingual (Spanish / English) individual counseling for adults, seniors, and youth 12+.

8 Individual Adult Counseling Sessions

  • Counseling offered in both English and Spanish
  • Specialized counseling for adults 55+

Up to 12 Individual Counseling Sessions for Youth

  • At SPAN, we believe in consent. The consent age for counseling in Colorado is age 12 and above, where clients can consent for or against counseling without caregiver parent or guardians’ permission.

Here at SPAN, we believe in the power of community. Our Group Counseling Sessions offer opportunities to connect with fellow survivors and learn new approaches for holistic healing. Check out our calendar below for our 2024 Group Sessions.

Family Resiliency Program

(Children 5-8, 9-12, Teens 13-17, and Parents/Caregivers)

Domestic violence impacts each member of the family in unique ways. We change and grow in community and relationships. The Family Resiliency Groups support each family member with a creative, social justice-focused, and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Offered in English and Spanish.

Grupo De Apoyo Para La Comunidad Latina

This group is a safe space for immigrants and is facilitated in Spanish by a Latine Counselor. We celebrate our roots and integrate holistic techniques to foster a prosperous community. This group works to cultivate healthier relationships within us and with others, practicing self-awareness and communication skills. All group practices are culturally oriented and honor our Latine heritage.

Somatic Support Group

This group offers space for members to discover resource practices for nervous system regulation, explore internal and external movements to support attunement to self and others, and check-ins surrounding the impact of abuse and violence in, on and around the body as well as one’s relationship to the body.

Strengthening Resilency in Older Adults (Age 55+)

SPAN’s Strengthening Resiliency Older Adult Program is dedicated to raising awareness around abuse specific to older adult populations. Abuse in later life can take on aspects of traditional patterns of domestic violence and intimate partner violence but will have unique characteristics common to older adults. This abuse can include passive neglect, abandonment, and financial exploitation. SPAN’s program includes counseling, support groups, advocacy, outreach, and shelter for older adults in addition to services and community education for families and caregivers. SPAN is partnered with other area organizations working collectively to address the needs of older abuse survivors.

Domestic Violence Survivor Support Group

In-Person Domestic Violence Survivor Support Group: This group is open to anyone who has experienced any form of domestic violence (DV) or who is questioning the health and safety of a relationship. The group focuses on community, support, and compassion for survivors.

You must pre-register to join one of our weekly support groups.