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Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART)

SPAN Advocates are available at the Boulder Justice Center and the Broomfield Court to provide assistance, support and information to help survivors of domestic violence navigate the justice system in both civil and criminal proceedings. Advocates can also connect survivors with additional community resources, such as Victim Compensation or referrals for private attorneys.

*As with any legal process you may choose to pursue it can always be helpful to have legal representation or at least consult an attorney.

**SPAN Advocates are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.

***All legal advocacy provided by SPAN is free.

The SPAN Advocacy Program assists survivors with obtaining Civil Protection Orders. Court Advocates are available in both Boulder and Broomfield County Courts. Advocates can assist clients by providing support and information and answering general questions about the legal process. They can also accompany clients to court hearings and advocate on their behalf during interactions with judicial officials.

Advocates may also be available for support and assistance in other civil hearings and in some criminal proceedings.

*For additional information, check Protection Order Clinic schedules, or to make an appointment with an Advocate, please call our Outreach Center at 303.449.8623.

Protection Order Clinics are located at:
Boulder County Justice Center
1777 Canyon Boulevard
First Floor, Conference Room #2

Broomfield County Courthouse
17 DesCombes Blvd.
Broomfield, CO 80020

Directions to Broomfield Courthouse

The SPAN Advocacy Program can provide support and assistance for survivors with specific issues and concerns related to immigration. Whether an immigrant survivor is documented or undocumented SPAN Advocates can provide information and answer general questions and connect them with immigration resources in the community, including legal referrals, to explore possible options.

Immigration Clinics – SPAN’s Advocacy Program offers monthly Immigration Clinics.  These clinics offer clients an opportunity to confidentially consult with an immigration attorney about immigration issues directly or indirectly related to abuse. A Spanish-bilingual SPAN Advocate is also available.

*For the clinic schedule and appointments, please call our Outreach Center at 303.449.8623.


The SPAN Advocacy Program provides crisis response and advocacy*. Our Domestic Abuse Response Team is on-call on a 24-hour basis for victims of domestic violence and their children. Staff and volunteer Advocates are contacted by local law enforcement to provide support, information, and advocacy immediately following police intervention in arrest and non-arrest reporting situations. Advocates offer to meet with victims in person or work with them over the phone. They can also connect survivors with additional community resources and advocate on their behalf during interactions with law enforcement officials.

*Advocacy & assistance provided by SPAN is always directed by the client.