Viernes, 4° de Junio, 2021 En el Pabellón del Hotel Omni Interlocken Comprar boletos! #BoulderFuerte #BoulderFuerte Lee mas Valentine Video SP Aprende más Apoyándose unos a otros a través de esta crisis: We are committed to do everything we can to continue supporting survivors while also protecting the health and wellness of our clients, staff and volunteers. The SPAN 24-hour Crisis & Information Line (303.444.2424) will remain in full operation. The SPAN Emergency Shelter will continue to provide safe refuge for survivors and their children. The Shelter capacity will be reduced to limit the spread of illness. COVID-19 increases the likelihood of survivor isolation. We will continue to do all we can to safely serve our community and prioritize the health and wellness of clients, staff, volunteers and visitors. OBTENER APOYO
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